Presents: Advocating For Violence Against Nazis

by Blunt Prophet

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Fuck Donald Trump. Fuck the alt-right and all fascist sympathizers.

Pay what you want. All proceeds will be donated to the Southern Poverty Law Center.


released January 30, 2017

recorded between February 2015 - January 29, 2017
Produced by Blunt Prophet



all rights reserved


Flannel Frat New York, New York

Flannel Frat is a hip-hop collective based in the tri-state area.

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Track Name: Heaters
Yo shits getting cold think i need a heater
not that id ever wanna harm a creature
but i gotta stay pragmatic
read the news the topic’s socratic
yo what if the stocks start free fall
and it all goes to the free for all
i think and i shudder
it wont matter if the people used to love us
cuz while i pulled a quick one their not fast to forget
and they could start coming for my neck
So i gotta make sure i got something
With which i can keep em in check
You bet
Yeah and the temp keeps dropping
If see some racists im poppin
Pistol in my fingers
If a nazi tryna beef
Be it by the web or the streets
No Muzzle flash on the grimace of teeth cuz
Face mask and the goggles
Fogged up from puffin on the trees
Squeeze release not tryna start problems
Looking to solve em, but if they escalate
Id like to be able to stop em
The whole shit turning into gotham
Overused metaphor but i think now its more apt than it was before
I should know so i dont trust authority especially behind closed doors
Fending for friends in the face of their force
Strap in a lock box in ya sock drawer
Cause now the kkk tryna
infiltrate and blur the line between hate and law
But Im cold like burr when im finna draw
Track Name: French Sevens
swift shit downshift on the stickshift
punk ass pundits saying im listless bitch
the team is gilded opponents are chipless
fuck around might end up on a hitlist
so high like im failing physics
you stole your aesthetic from pinterest
switch it if you wanna generate interest
collecting on constituents interest
got a blunt and an uber and i flipped it
dont matter if the LP is hitless
still so hot like that blimp shit
but they dont get it so they get dismissive
i guessed they must have missed the missive
and they cant work with the mistress
so the media gets all up in they business
ok i leaked it call that business

im gunna cross you out like french sevens
shoulda took that last one as a lesson
im gunna cross you out like french sevens
so you better so living in the present
im gunna cross you out like french sevens

the money i gets the powers i flex it
and my grammar dont need no correcting
but my net worth could use some direction
the medicinal was effective the lecture was elective
no need for detective the result of a directive
polling is selective elections are defective
and yeah the pun for the campaign was kinda stretching
gotta try to catch it and if you did it was impressive
nah im just messing
all your votes count or something im guessing
the debate was kinda like fencing
bunch a lame shit if im guessing
but hey its your life you’re living
dark knight shit harvey was pitching
and i was pissed i missed it
but i had to pay your paralegal a visit
and you just realized he was missing
if you think you’’ see me in prison or
if you questioned the scope of the vision
let me read this statement of mission
Track Name: I'll Say It's My Fault
Oops got nazi blood on my NBs
Stomping their head like im stompin on emptys
Want some of this, i got plenty
Pushed way past the point of just plain venting
Yo fuck a proud boy they whole life trash
Fight real dirty knock em out take their cash
Donate it to my charity of choice
Step on your throat make ya lose ya voice
And you thought no one was listening before
Only sound now is your body stuck between a door
Lowkey highkey motherfuck a nazi
Little white word games like they yahtzhee
Probably see the world mad narrow
I dont give a fuck im rearranging their marrow
Fuck outta nah fuck off the planet ho
Might have to cop and let fuck the cannon blow

Yo richard spencer you can eat mad fists
In your face, im explicity endorse this
Actually you can also eat mad dicks
Your gene pool aint shit bitch
Please try it up with the logic and rhetoric
False facts and victim blaming you devilish
GQ shouldnt be shootin ya mens wear
They should be separating scalp and ya head hair
Aint fair no shit look with whom you talking
You a bitch shit pitcher, you balking
Im walking and pissing on your grave plot
Times is grave and im tryna change plot
White folks gotta check their reservations
At the door or im gunna be continually hating
So if you spot a nazi feel free to start shooting
And tell em blunt prophet made ya do it